Auto Spare Parts Catalogs Use Terms

Auto Spare Parts Catalogs Use Terms (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) is the legal agreement that concluded between you and TecAlliance (hereinafter referred to as TecAlliance or we). Before you read and accept the Agreement ,you have no right to use the Auto Spare Parts Catalogs (hereinafter referred to as “Catalogs”). The use or continued use of Catalogs is deemed as that you have read and accepted the binding of the Agreement.

Scope of application

We are very pleased that you choose our free auto spare parts catalogs. The following conditions should be observed when using the catalogs, TecAlliance reserves the right to upgrade or adjust the Use Terms from time to time. The information about the latest status of Use Terms is provided at the end of the Terms. If you continue to use the Catalogs,it will be deemed as that you have accepted the revised Use Terms .

Supplier information

The Catalogs is provided by TecAlliance China Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TecAlliance”), the company address is Unit 1008, Block 10, 1988 Gonghexin Road Shanghai, China, wholly-owned subsidiary that invested and set up by TecAlliance GmbH.

Catalogs considers and fulfills the requirements of requirements of the headquarters of the data supplier, therefore, TecAlliance does not bear any responsibility for regions other than the country where the supplier providing the catalogs /or the contained data. If used in places other than the countries under influence, it should abide by the laws, regulations and specifications of specific country.

Scope of services

Catalogs supply instruction: TecAlliance reserves the right to change or adjust the Catalogs from time to time, the right to adjust the sales policies or terminate the catalogs without advanced notice to users.


1. Users should ensure the authentication, timeliness, integrity and accuracy of the registration information provided (including but not limited to the personal information, enterprise information etc.). Users should complete the registration before using the catalogs. Users may register through the catalogs by providing the name, mailbox and telephone and other information. TecAlliance may refuse the registration of any user without any reason.

2. You understand fully and agree with that, the ownership of the catalogs registered account belongs to TecAlliance and you have only the right to use the account after registration. The right to use the registered account belongs to the initial applicant and registrant, no transfer or provision of such account to any other person by any means, otherwise, TecAlliance has the right to take back the account without any notice, and any loss caused therefrom, such as the wiping, loss of all data, information that generated from use of the service should be at your own risk.

3. Without the consent of TecAlliance, users shall not provide the account that successfully registered to any other party; otherwise, the registered users and the actual users should assume the joint liability for the legal responsibilities caused therefrom.

4. After taking back or cancel the account according to the Agreement, TecAlliance has the right to dispose the content of account and related information by any means including but not limited to deletion.

Catalogs and data use permission

TecAlliance allows registered users to use the catalogs and the contained data in a non-exclusive, and nontransferable way. Without the written permission of TecAlliance, no transfer, selling, lease, transmission, public display, uploading or transfer the catalogs