TecAlliance is FEMFM’s authorized agent in Asia Pacific

Copyright © FEMFM,1994

FEMFM - Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials, the Federation groups together the European manufacturers of friction materials:

▶ Promotes the interests of this industry

▶ In the interests of the consumers and by mission of its member companies

▶ Formulates and expresses the opinions of the industry in its dealings with international authorities such as the Economic Commission for Europe, the Commission of the European Communities, scientific and technical international institutions, international industrial and commercial organizations

▶ And, at the request of the member concerned, with national governments, national concerns or nationalized industries, legislative bodies and other organizations

Addendum 89: Regulation No.90, E/ECE/324/Rev.1/Add.89/Rev.3-E/ECE/TRANS/505/Rev.1/Add.89/Rev.3

Clause 6.1.4.:

Each package shall contain fitting instructions in an official ECE language, supplemented by the corresponding text in the language of the country where it is sold.


Each package shall contain fitting instruction in the language of the country where it is sold


◆ Benefits for Customers

The fitting instruction provides guidelines and warnings to guide the users to install and remove the brake lining products from Vehicles.

◆ Industry authoritative

FEMFM, the federation consisted of many braking manufacturer and they are focus on promote the safe operation of road vehicles by establish the standard and the usage of friction materials.

◆ Multiple languages

It contains multiple languages which can fit for many different language markets’ demands

Target customer Group - All the manufacturers or traders of brake disc / brake drum, disc brake pads

▶ Who have the export business to European count

▶ Who want to provide the fitting instructions in their products for Asia Pacific market.

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