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Easily simplify your returns management worldwide

With TecCom® Warranty & Returns we offer a returns management solution which combines simplicity, efficiency as well as transparency for your customers and is easy to roll-out globally.

Bring your whole TecCom® customer base onto a newly designed & easy process

· With our Warranty & Returns module inside Order Manager Portal both replacement parts distributors as well as manufacturers experience returns management that is not time-consuming anymore.

· A process which gives you the control, being flexible and yet, being based on a standard and easy workflow. Your customers demand for easy, quick and transparent services – what are you waiting for?

· Reduce your process costs

· Make your returns management transparent & straightforward

Quick and easy to use

We made returns handling so easy that you will wonder why you didn‘s start with it earlier. Experience a fast and intuitive returns management process in Warranty & Returns.

Adaptable to your business

No matter if your business is big or small, located in only one region or globally spread, Warranty & Returns is best suited for you. Simply customize it to your size and needs.

Great Customer Service

Get a big hug from your customers when they experience how transparent and fast you are dealing with their claims

Connect everywhere

Globally available in different languages. Accessible from wherever you want

Integrate your systems

Connect your systems and benefit from the vast partner network on our platform

Transparent workflow

It is always clear what’s going on with your claims – both for you and for your customers

Enable your customers

With Warranty & Returns your customers can easily register their claims by themselves

All data in one system

All relevant information is accessible in one place and kept inside the claim

Environment friendly

Actively reduce the number of parts being shipped around the globe

Streamline your returns process with Warranty & Returns

Aftermarket parts return management is always a challenge for the automotive industry. Suppliers or big traders are connected to large networks of garages which serve the end consumers.

Our TecCom® Warranty & Returns module offers a great standardised end-to-end solution that can be adapted by anyone independently of the IT system landscape they are running on.

Customer Claim

Receiving a warranty claim and starting your logistic return process

All customer communication is easily accessible in one place & kept inside the claim

Receive claims via a standardised claim registration form which is customisable to your specific needs

Approval process

Technical examination of the warranty claim, check of the logistic return and preparation of shipment

All the necessary information can be set as mandatory input

No unnecessary deliveries; you decide which parts can be returned and which not

Be always aware of the current status through high transparency & fast availability of the process

Reduce customer calls by clear status information


Final decision of the approval process leading to compensation or rejection

Faster approval process. All the relevant information to decide a claim is accessible in one place

Reduce effort by automatically transferring the data to your ERP system

Fast processing & handling of your warranty claims

Self-managed easy features that offer ease of business irrespective of the size and backend IT systems

Save time

Generate your claim in approximately under three minutes

Well connected

Easy data entry from TecDoc® and OptiCat and compatible with your SAP interfaces


Highly customisable solution to support you along the whole process

Easy communication

Talk directly to your trader or supplier via our integrated service chat support


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