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Accurate, high quality and up-to-date OE parts data

The most important step to success is the clear identification of vehicles and their matching replacement parts – We offer extensive support with our comprehensive database.

Carefully researched & analysed OE parts data

You receive parts data from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), researched and standardised by our technical research groups.

Our experts analyse the OE spare parts systems (EPCs) by connecting OE references with the corresponding attributes to a specific vehicle. Linkages are then made to vehicle applications and the most important industrial vehicle standards.

√ Speed up your time to market

√ Keep track and trace of OE replacements

√ Extend your product range

√ Product and range analytics

3 Vehicle Segments

Passenger Cars

Light Commercial Vehicles

Heavy Commercial Trucks

Extensive Linkages

TecAlliance Vehicle IDs (K-Types)

China IDs/ Asia IDs

Comprehensive Information


OEM references & replacement numbers

Materials used

Specific equipment data


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